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Foetal Attractions is the section that all new ideas get dumped before being turned into anything.

America My Big Brother
A song about America and Australia.
Hitler's Assumptions
A short analysis of Hitler's assumptions from the half way point of reading Mein Kampf.
The Third Dialogue
Experts draw conclusions.
The Second Dialogue 18.10.06 Your temperament shapes your life. Can you change it?
Pickpockets 6.9.06 A screenplay about a day in the life of a pickpocket.
The pcblues Show
A video show about general and special interests
Thailand (Quicktime) - 200MB
Travel movie of Tammy and my holiday in Thailand in May (30 minutes.) Let me know if you want to watch it on youtube, and I will upload it.
Touched At Work

Now on at Youtube!
A short film about getting touched at work, but not in the way you want... I mean think.
Quicktime 7 Player Required if you have problems.
There's a Fire
mp3 - 3MB
"There's a Fire (In my Pants)" - A love song. Lyrics - (probably not safe for children under 10)
Are Animals Worth More Then Humans? 25.4.06 Are animals worth more than humans?
Computer Science PhD, 2050
A science-fiction rendering of biblical verse Mark 1:1-34
How NASA could fund future space scientific research
Machiavelli (Art, Music & Media)
MP3 - 2MB
18.4.06 I read The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli, and instead of writing a book review, I wrote a song about it.
Who Owes Us The Truth?
11.4.06 Do novelists and movie-makers owe us factual correctness?
Prey, by Michael Crichton (Book Reviews) 10.4.06
Morphing Hair (RealPlayer) 5.4.06 A collage of haircuts.
Raw Comedy Festival 1999 3.4.06 I went in the Raw Comedy Competition in 1999. This is the recording.
Heaven and Hell Unhealthy 1.3.06 Strong belief in heaven and hell leads to human rights abuses, and should be abolished.
Circle Of Belief 12.2.06 I felt like making a sculpture that connected some ideas I had about belief.
Westpac is Stealing my Money! 3.2.06 Glad I flipped these guys off. Can't believe how much they tried to keep me after I told them I was going. They could have been that helpful while I was with them, the money-grubbing pricks.
This Modern World
 3.5MB - Quicktime.
A 30 second film clip, taken from a project where I wanted to progress from an idea to a DVD in a day. Quicktime 7 Player Required