Foetal Attractions
If the stories are to be believed, the major religions were started by people who were prepared to die or prepared to kill to make their ideas live. This of course could be the apocrypha of the religions where the stories that resonate are going to be the ones that make you stand up, e.g. the one where the guy gives his life, or the one where the believes that people's lives must not stand in the way of the truth. Torture for eternal life and all that. 


Malaria treatment can't be provided in Africa because antimalarial drugs react with sickle cell disease which is in the blood of the people. G6PD deficiancy and sickle cell disease lead to oxidative homolysis which is a reaction.

AIDS related pnuemonia is different disease to regular pneumonia because it is opportunistic.


Is it possible that the very act of recording the mind's processes is akin to putting clear contact on a book? That is, by making it more permanent it is meeting the need for immortality that is indelibly written across our hearts.

The better part of valour is discretion?
Wrong. The utility of valour is the same. No example set to offett ostentatious selflessness. Humility is not public enough to set a good example. Recipients don't care unless they have to kiss arse. Discete to who? Recipients is fine. Onlookers is fine. Don't want to shame others to action. What is shame? Unhealthy? To the self but not others.
Boarstful generaosity should be encouraged. Juses point was that relative generaostiy shoudl be recogniesed. We thinks it's about ostentation, but his point was about the amount of sacrifice. He didn't say otentatiours giving was wrong, he sai gthat the poor woman should be respected as much as the pharisee. It was about the viewer as much as the giver.
medie is cummunism. Focus on eating.
Make an act spiritual.

Did animals teach discretion to humans? d.g. cats are demure with their bodily processes. i.e. they look away and won't make eye contact when they are defecating.

Things I have been reading lately that resonate with my thinking at present:
From Quadrant April 07:
Humility article
Memory Article
Historical truth in fiction
Bic pens and lighters are made from the same company. They are both regularly lost.

Ads are deliverately misleading, but informative.
Like that guy at work who is annoring but good at his job.

Why does looking ahead at the future and looking into the past cause anxiety and pain?

Harold Pinter says that a writer must be vulnerable and expose the truth, and that protecting oneself from it with lies is akin to becoming a politician.

Rap music often contains police sirens. When they play music loudly in their cars they can't hear the real police coming for them?

Advancing philosophy leads to new friends.
Guilt leads to no time for relationships.
Break self into different characters.
Part time work is not healthy?
Clear debt.
too much planned leads to fear leads to shyness leads to beer leads to no time for others or self.

List logical fallacies with examples.
LIst God Delusion arguments
People hurt, fault , etc.
Time for friendships
Book about Don Brash
Plan life, career, week day, etc.
Options for shy person.
When reminded to get references, put a [] in.

Life Cycle of an Idea
Book provides speeches
5 min recording
News segment
Change voice for other parties

Book idea: You don't need to care
from young to the younger.

Don't preach.

Does google index magazines?

Brutality of the young
Stress related cancer? Cause and effect fallacy?
Did Dad get it because I joined the church?
When I caught up with a friend Steve with whom I used to play in a blues band, he asked if I still blamed myself for everything. By everything, he literally meant everything.

Clive Hamilton delivered the occasional address at Tammy's graduation the other day. It was right up my alley.
How do you appeal to a person in order to shift their opinion? How do you shift public opinion so that policy can be effected which heads us toward a more peaceful and equal existence?

If people will not relinquish their faiths, then perhaps their faith can be appealed to in the process of raising their consciousness.

Is being moral/truthful more beneficial to more people?
Truth requires courage.
Is it stupid to be honest?
Is lying ever beneficial in politics?
e.g. knowledge of enigma machine codes in world war 2 could not be exposed even though it meant the deaths of thousands of people so that it could be used for a greater purpose.
Lying in peace is seen as wrong?

Can google tools be used to create ideas program? e.g. Google Truths, or Google Opinions.
Write a paper on this.

Constant new experience and memories.
Forgetfulness without revision.
Advertising is revision,omission and creation of truth.
Record thoughts and read them.

Find your principles.
Repeat/review your great conversations.

After being told that I can let it hang out, I feel a lot better.
I wonder where it will lead?
What if fear was the only thing keeping me responsible/good?

limits of friendship and relationships
friendships would get to a certain point before I wouldn't want to expose myself any more...    like a prude, which is unsatisfying for the other person.

feeling sorry for a person for pushing them away.
empathy is exaggerated in me because I am afraid of other people's reactions. When I felt alone, I felt that my existence depended on the next person I was talking to.

praying without words

unfolding life
a new direction is unfolding

the power of two
beats two emotional cripples leaning on each for support

the loss of creativity or desire to learn?
what about the disabling impact of not being able to have strong discourse to quicken the knocking down of wrong thought? what about only being able to read the truth?

religious life and the desire for relationship
is religion a satisfactory replacement for a completely open relationship.

what about the constant panic and anxiety? the defensiveness?

stomach pain
what about the stomach pains? will they go away?

what about the insomnia?

what about the fear of losing anything?
The last time I lost my fear of throwing things out, I burned my most precious diaries, and never stopped regretting it. It was if they held the key to understanding myself.
Did my fear of losing control keep me sane/behaving during my biggest highs and drunks?
If so, I should fear taking those things again.

internal dialogue
the internal friend does not encourage or support like tammy.

is she not prepared to marry an emotional cripple?
not if she can help it

not prepared to marry as emotional cripple?
I am, but I don't want to, but I am scared that if I lose control I won't come back.

being prepared to live as emotional cripple.
surviving vs. thriving
we do the best we can
victim mentality

meaning of life / cosmic joke is that I am not alone
I am attractive enough to find someone who has promised to stay, but on the condition they are not pushed away.

finding someone to really trust to give strength
it can't be beaten

fear of loss of control unfounded?
I believe that this is an opportunity to experiment with openness, knowing that I can come home. Or do I experiment at home? Do I risk my home?

pandora's box is ok to open if someone will not leave you? but what if they feel betrayed by not being honest?

afraid of letting it all hang out
I believe that I may not be able to put a lid back on it before I have driven everyone away.
I believe that it will make me lose what I most value, i.e. everybody's love, my job, my peace from conflict, that everyone will feel betrayed, etc.

putting it on the internet is no substitute for putting it in someone's face.
At least, it didn't provide the relief I have been looking for.

symptoms of dis-ease
overspending, medicating, dissociation

arguments and fallacies
our conversation last night left me talking a bunch of unsustainable shit. Each line that came out of my mouth was unsustainable logically.

invitation to not have everything said taken to heart
This is the greatest gift.
I forget lots but forgive little. Is that even true?


What is jealousy at another person's success? An acceptance of failure on your own part? A belief, perhaps wrong, that you are better or as good as them at the things that made them successful? Even if they have a different temperament that gives them the ability to succeed in that area? Even if luck played a large part? Even if the hard work they were prepared to put in was more than you ever were prepared to do?


If the biggest shame is that you are weak and unable to handle conflict, then you must rely on the goodwill of those around you to protect you from themselves. If tears are the only alternative to rage or fleeing, then there is no hope for change.
Fear keeps opinion spasmodic and incomplete. Comedic?

What is the punchline for the cosmic joke?
That kissing eternity promises fulfillment?
That education eventually makes a person jaded?
That ignorance is rewarded?
That danger exists behind every runaway thought?
That infinite regress lies behind the prisoner's dilemma?
That hearing your hollow laugh and watching yourself act produces disappointment?
That embarrassment is the result of empathy?

"Friendship is limited by not being single."
- Veronica someone, a nun on LNL april 2007

What is unusual and irrational fear?


Stress from planning ahead?
Body reacts to imagined threat. Calculate threat.
If someone yells at you, will you die?
What do you want in one year? In five?
Excitement about ideas is enough.
Radio, writing, words, relaxation, work, challenge, growth, expectations, broken feedback of what others think, infinite regress.
Quality of life, lack of control over behaviour, lack of discipline, lack of principle, narrow difficult paths worth following, worrying about what others think vs. what others want vs. what others need vs. self. Comfortable with others' opinions. People get upset when they can't control you, being unreasonable.

Nature makes us think we are complex?
Will controlling will.
Desire to perform
Wakening on noise - alerting adrenaline response that action must be taken.
Writing as focus
Uninterrupted time -> integrity
Tolerance for disconfort reduced
Pets provide relationship with mother after procreating husband has disappeared.
Combo story idea:
cortisol and lead in poisoning for house story.
Application and concentration -> flow
Oral tradition to begin again with
Need way to search videos that is better than tagging.

15.3.07 Can you hear a person without them knowing or sensing it?
Put something between you and them that they can't see. Can you watch a person without them knowing it?
Wear glasses that are one way.
Can you touch a person without them knowing it?
Only if they don't feel it. If they are unconscious.

Scientific progress is natual
How is how we interrelate with our tools and kownledge different to how an organism interactsw or learns to interract with another organism for mutual benefit?

The jibber jabber competing for attention through the turned up sounds of recorded radio. Time shifted ideas and presentations. Thoughts created by emothions screaming for expression. Anger from entrapment but imagined freedom is an illusion too. Escape from abuse by redefining it. a business' responsibility to provide a sasfe and harmonious environment compromises one's ability to vent.
The provision of services to the business is negotiated against the derivation of fun and profit.


Drugs' Historical Impact on Human Progress
One of the essaylettes in the  2006 Question Essays discussed a concern that a scientist had for the impact of antidepressants on our world markets considering the impact they have on our ability to assess risk. While watching Deadwood (I know this is fiction, but my consideration probably occurred) I wondered about how many of humanity's big decisions were made under the influence of drugs, including and mostly considering alcohol, which affects human judgement, and allows trust where trust may not have existed, and risks where when sober, risk would have been avoided.
Can we say that we owe the pace of our human progress in some part over time to drugs? And, in doing so, not be afraid of the plethora we now take? Or, do we take stock at the way brown-brown is used in child soldiers so that they commit enormous atrocities and destroy their own lives and the lives of those they attack?


New year resolutions?
book book.html in private

I have been thinking recently about what makes us happy. I like to question my assumptions from time to time, and was wondering if fame, fortune, and wealth were worth chasing as the ideal path to happiness. Flow, by Mihaily Csikszentmihalyi is the book I read as a way of researching the question. He references a lot of research and studies undertaken to establish the truth or otherwise of ideas that we take for granted around what it means to be happy. These are thoughts I had from reading it...

Attention throughout life is limited.
Enjoyment involves an improving of skills and mental capacity. This is the goal rather than pleasure, which just feels good.
Meaningful action can be part of enjoyment?
Complexity and chaos occurs at the border between boredom and frustration?
Flow is the ideal state to be in.
Flow occurs between anxiety and boredom.
Control consciousness by making games out of every pursuit with rules, that can be won, improves your skills, provides feedback.
You need to keep increasing the challenge as you improve to not be bored, but if you make it too hard, you get anxious.
The aim is to be engrossed.
These games bring order to a chaotic mind.
It's not why but how you play that makes it work.
Control consciousness and not the environment.
Create the external influences you enjoy, i.e. if you like to listen to music, try creating it
Writing doesn't communicate information, it creates it.
Doing useless things that don't make money is wasteful?
Do things for their own sake.
Increased complexity in life leads to a generation gap.
The home's contents provide external help in ordering the mind.
Escape is not as satisfying as games.
Overinclusion is the mental condition sufferred by schizophrenics where thoughts cannot be controlled and the mind is flooded with too many thoughts to handle.
Starseed by  Carey, and  Flow are both reimaginings of the message in the new testament?
Differentiation vs. Integration: There's a time to be alone and a time to be social.
I found new environments instead of changing existing ones.

Animals do not speak english. Make noises to them in the same tone adn they will respond just the same.
I wonder if babies are similar?

Motor neurone disease, a partner in our firm has it, and had a full page interview in The Australian, and All In the Mind episode on Radio National.
I wrote software for Delphi that allowed simple sentences to be created with 2 dimensional input and no click required. Where is it? Send it to the people in this article.


The mind of a shepherd...
The kind of shepherd described in the bible as the good shepherd is one that would go to extreme lengths for one lost sheep. It sounds like a mind that these days would be called obsessive - a mind that cannot stay focussed on the big picture because a small part of it is not quite right. These kinds of minds may well pay great attention to detail, but in power may focus on the needs of the few at the expense of the many.

Can upset people be a brain's failure condition?
Avoid failure or seek success?
Learning (changing the mind) = positive emotion
Personal attacks = failure?
Strong experience of negative emotional expression directed at oneself from someone or strong internal negative emotional experience signals failure conditions because  brain shuts down, conscious thought stops and fear sets in body and mind is paralysed. Something gets released (adrenaline?) that exhausts the body and mind...

Instant mental and physiological exhaustion is a failure condition.

Everyone thinks differently and many people don't think at all.
Is there no excuse for keeping a whole scenario modelled in the mind?

The fleeting attention, easy distraction, endless options for action, and constant interruptions and noise are debilitating. Being reminded of our goals are important, or emotion will control us.

Emotional decisions are rarely wise, and rarely beneficial in the long term. Be a robot.

Non-linearity of closeness in social relationship driven by behaviour and perception.
Inspired by Chaos by James Gleick

bravery = lack of prediction? lack of feedback between memory, action, senses, thought and emotion? or just supreme ability to control the emotions so that the drugs created by the brain don't flood the system and ruin the ability to think clearly and act calmly?

Is there a difference between subconscious and unconscious thought?

Is the number of adults in a family unit too small for today's society? When we have to have two incomes to support a mortgage and educate children, pay for childcare, live with increasing job insecurity, find housing more unaffordable. Why not just increase the number of partners in a marriage?

Books to get:
Stumbling on Happiness, Danial Gilbert
The Undercover Economist, Tim Harford
Philip K. Dick books.
Idea for Christmas is to get two copies of the same book for each present. This is because you buy books that you think are cool, but you can't ask to read them because it makes the present seem a little less special.
Is censoring of thought stupid? Maybe it is important, because repetition of thought can lead to action.

Look at links between:
Conscious thought
Unconcious thought

Can memory be thought of as unconscious or subconscious thought?
No, because it seems to work on problems in the background, whereas memory is seen as an ever-corrupting or ever-changing store of mental and physical experiences.

Senses include exhaustion from brain and body drugs, feeling own heartbeat and breathing.

Link types include possible, drives, provides, creates, feeds...

Drives, or seeming effects of drives:
Finding lost things
Completing sets
Hunger for mental connections (meaning?)
Hunger for new perspective
Hunger for completely mentally hauling anchor
Desire for a deus ex machina in life
Feeling like sitting on an unfinished cadence.
Driven to creativity for release
Excluding feels bad because it creates need to face conflict.

The density of ideas in shows like Futurama are exciting and give replayability.
All a business needs is customers.
Experiencing ideas closely together is the equivalent of moshing.
When is action considered provocation? e.g. physical assault following taunting, sexual assault following taunting, etc.
Darwine doesn't work with PowerPC.
Indulgence as a method of achieving constant happiness suffers from the law of diminishing returns.

Religions should limit their articles of faith to an untestable and unprovable body of statements. Only then will they be truly free of the threat of science.
Only the strongest, most self-interested people get to the top. Our fearless leaders are not sacrificial servants, but often skilled in the art of deception, diplomacy, division, and manipulation. Put your hope in them if you are sure they are going where you want to go. Follow them if there is nothing better to do.

Is "child abuse" a feature of aboriginal culture? Are the statistics relating to health a source of national shame, or a result of cultural practice?
Look at causes of morality.
Profiting is useful?
Protect who you identify with. Strangers to a world you want to live in.
Free will is real?
Violence? Aggression?
Labelling and pigeon-holing.

What if this life is the answer to your request for a break?
The only way to have a quiet life is to be afraid of a conflict and have parents afraid of conflict?
The coincidence of wanting a life of peace is that the person you have to be in order to achieve it is constantly scared?
You try everything in order to remember your eternal nature.


Is there only one way to advance humanity? By protecting the sanctity of life?

Pollen pollution. It is pretty bad in Melbourne this Spring.

The Ten Dialogues
Between God and myself.
Going to church and having a cry because of group dynamics (history) not because it was the holy spirit.
Religion is a key to the subconscious.
Dialogue between ...
Include journey in book.
Pressure in mind to prevent discovery.
performing reality
Pull together texts into book
Get definition of dialogue
Transfer of will and theory of funnilling of power.

Relationship with conspiracy.
Source of creativity.
Internal world
Relationship with money, belief, work, time, imaginary and real friends.
Making and breaking of rules.
Hiding of information for money (e.g. some aspects of service professions)
You also pay for the time they spend learning the knowledge.
Doctors and authors, too.
Inventing of information for money, e.g. fortune tellers.
Authors hide information in books with copyright law.
Musicians too.
We don't trust that the world has enough, or that it will look after us.
Generous people to sustain us in donations
This is not good or bad

What is opinion? Why hold fast to it?
Someone once told me they didn't understand how I could chane my mind so easily.
Is that gullible, or open to new ideas?
I don't like surprises, but I yearn for the the insight/discovery that completely invalidates my world view. I want there to be more to life than I suspect there is, but I hope the uberview (truth over the truth) is not depressing, because it might be difficult to go back.
An event can have ten different meanings for me. I have a dialogue with the world from each of these perspectives.
How much stake do you put in your dreams.?
Labelling things is a way to communicate, but can fool you into thinking you understand something (Richard Feynman's father taught him that as a child.). It also leads to stopping you from asking further questions and to take your established position with that thing (e.g. prejudice)

Two dialogues
Written as all questions

A New Reason
    Dialogues, Two Dialogues, Sheep in wolf's clothing

    Desperately wanting to be free of what looks like meaninglessness...

    Where are we? Deep in the dark dirt, you are a worm that has discovered it's own tail. A jewel in the sun. You are the sunlight, the jewel and the crown.
    Water - liquid, gas, solid.

    A series of questions? All questions?
    Second person?
    Structure like a text book?
    Story accompanied with a work book?

    Life and death.
    Immortality and fatality
    lack of reason for existence should lead to suicide
    all connected
    all life connected
    a human here, and a human there
    able to forget the plight of others
    temperament and approach to life

    media ,unfolding history, distrust, trust, second person, angels, ghosts, aliens, visitors, gods, politics, power, resurrection, eternity, ,unity,fear, blame, conflict, hunger, plenty, ,wealth ,fame  ,fortune, belief

15.8.01 (old)
Words make the world go around?
I doubt that is the case. Words have stopped things from happening.
A person talking is a person doing nothing.
Should moral weight be applied to physical action?
Thought has no value without physical embodiment.
Action without thought creates more mess than it cleans up.
Fear the loss of predictability of the future.
Trust your own resourcefulness, resilience and self preservation.
With our words we make the world.
In spite of your strangeness, I am not too scared to get close to you,
in a jiggy way, if not a close silence kind of way.

16.8.01 (old)
Actions cause thought? Or do thoughts cause action? Is our conscious experience a series of justifications of our actions? I have contended before that taking responsibility for actions that are not your fault can be damaging, and that many people who push the view that there are no victims are aggressors, either mentally or emotionally and sometimes physically. It is considered worthy and noble to take responsibility for your actions, but what if it is an incorrect perspective. People argue against being automatons by saying that anarchy will result from removing blame for a persons actions but will it stop good people from doing good and bad things, or bad people doing bad and good things?

29.8.01 (old)
for the last two nights I have had a dream of having sex with a willing partner. After undressing the first one, i look at her pussy and it looks like a pestle but with waxy mottled skin, and the odd strand of thick black hair here and there. There was no hole to put my thang.
The second night was even more weird. I undressed the girl, and her pussy looked like a big wet pustule that bubbled like porridge, but only with one bubble, which was the opening. It sounded like closed lip kisses. It looked white and treanslucent. When I tried to put it in, it felt like trying to pump a bicycle hand pump with your finger on the end. I was foiled once again. where is dr katz when you need him?

26.10.01 (old)
Confrontation surrounds and crowds the peace out of my mind.
Delicate balance of relaxation is left behind.
The morning radio is full of conflict - argument without resolution.
Peaceless disharmony. Alone with mind quashed is only source peace.
But alone is alone. There is no connection. Dreams are my only company.
At work, two people appreciate my unbridled mind,
neither of them would be suitors.
The sensitive are easily wounded, unintentionally.

Moralising monsters worse than psychopaths?

Windows startup would make a good phone ring.
Need for respect vs. fear of people. They can hurt you with anger and disappointment.
Boredom is painful and thinking can be painful.

There should be an SMS number of homeless peoples' tshirts:
"Clean me up"
"SMS me off the street"
It can have a number that bills the caller $5 to help support the homeless person.
T-shirt for Big Issue: "SMS if too shy to buy"

Pick up Barry McKenzie movies.
Is this a way to advance humanity? Protect the sanctity of life? What does that even mean?

16.7.04 (old)
Misspellings on Ebay to find bargains
50% pass mark for life means you made a contribution.
Order and organisation can be stifling and repressive.
- control obsessions for safety
Try patience and relaxation for results
 vs. Ambition and pressure?
Funnelling of resources and will

30.6.04 (old)
Spew tube to go between your legs when you are sitting down on the toilet.
You can't make all the things that you invent. Therefore,
sell the rights on some, and give others away.
Put your face onto a 3D model for a movie idea?
You love the infinite possibility of ideas, but the ideas get trapped into
a mould as soon as they are begun to be created out of real substance.

24.6.04 (old)
Organisation of files/folders on hard disk of keydrive host is different
- files broken along static and changing, whereas files on key broken
along personal, runimage, software. Idea is to not have workspaces on
- Have workspaces on host drives which return to key?
- No, because blog is kept on key.
- Look further at monotone, and whether it runs off key OK.
- What about python code?
- workspace should come from image which contains latest taken from key
- workspace should then get archived and put back onto key?
- keep backups on key?

23.6.04 (old)
Website: - used books.

17.6.04 (old)
The Boy Who Couldn't Burp
 Keeps vomiting when he tries.
 Ends up doing it into take-away cartons to feed hungry people around the world.

Software Idea:
 Program that spits out a HTML 3D(nD?) website made of fixed font.
 Closed source.

Collate Mars themes in way that ties themes to other novels in
sci-fi genre, maybe with wikipedia?

Write email client that uses web interface of so
that you can make it your default email client in windows.

Scamble as a company name?
A contract that codifies the relationship between business
friends, sold as a contract on the internet, and without

Education and experience are the keys to wisdom, which is
just patience? And self-knowledge so that one can act in
spite of one's self (fear, etc.)

14.6.04 (old)
Backup program uses Delphi 5, sandisk to lexar,get two 
people to buy software and you get your copy free, send

11.6.04 (old)

Learning Values through fear and shame lead to happiness?
Maybe, because learning good values through fear of burning
in hell leads to forcing you to receive the benefits of the
good deeds, both as the individual and as a society. The
sacrifices society makes having good...

Animated episodes:
This one goes out to those who didn't stand up to
bullies in school... Sorry guys, you missed your chance
to be successful arseholes. you'll  have to settle for

It is too convenient that carrots and sticks of incredible
extremes are in the realm of religions. Ultimate pleasure,
and ultimate pain... ultimate threats to
stay true to the faith, so that you don't leave.

Good social behaviour as a result of using fear and guilt.
Is love enough to stop people from being greedy? If a person
feels hungry (all types of hunger feel the same, trying
each different thing to quench the hunger may sometimes
be the only way to find out what caused the hunger. For me,
it was love or dependence (I can't separate them yet) )
Is this the hunger and thirst that JC talked about?

Generic free-form encrypted online data store.

Three wishes? Give me one! That everyone and everything be happy forever. if a
god can't do that they are not all-powerful.

Make a wooden utility tray for the bag out of balsa.

Wooden Horn of Peace. Arabian? Light coloured wood with dark wook panelling
/ |
| ________|
| /

Make two people happy. That's an idea that should be sweeping the world

If a god is not able to make everything always happy, then he is either
important or unwilling. why would a god be unwilling if it is the ultimate act of
love? Why does a god break every commandment except for the ones about loving god?

People will kill themselves for the god or country, but not for their company?
Could globalisation be an answer to terrorism? No because people who run
companies, like the powermongrels that use religion and patriotism to arrest the
will of people have little regard for the health of an individual.

I try to justify my social absence from friends and family to them and myself by
making a lot of money, or, being successful, or being occasionally momentarily

7.6.04 (old)
Describe a single concept (e.g. revolution) in four different languages:
economically, militarily, industrially scientifically, psychologically.

Capitalism only works when economies are growing. Sustainable development,
therefore, is the only possible sustainability option, even if it is
impossible for capitalism to exist.

There is more than one motivation for each action. If motivation for an
action is potentially beneficial to one self, i.e. a selfish action,
should you then abandon that action on moral grounds? Deny the benefit
of the action? If you are perceived to have bad motivation for a plan,
should you avoid that action? And what would you lose if you did?

Look at fear of absence of knowledge.

What is the difference between ethics and morals?

What word describes a concept's relationship with another concept in that
it also exists and is will be true if the first concept proves to be true?

List the ideas and sciences of Mars.
 Does it exist already?

4.6.04 (old)

Story Idea:
Police can work out your mobile phone number using triangulation, and
police use it to raise money by booking you for answering your
non-hands free mobile in the car.

Product Idea:
Arse-wipes "For Dates"

2.6.04 (old)
Fundraising idea:
Pay a prize to the biggest fundraiser in a group.
Or have a website listing a ladder of top
fundraisers. Use human sense of competition to
help people in need.

Lunchtime Lectures:
Talks/jams about ideas.
Fund raiser.
Speaker's Corner.

1.6.04 (old)

Use Python for backup stuff, etc.
- crypto/compression?

Band Name:
Nocturnal E-Missionaries

Story Idea:
Brother and family goes to Bali and
gets taken hostage and held to ransom.
Despite his girlfriend's pleadings, he
goes there and rescues them and cuts the
throats of the the people who are holding
his brother hostage, and leaves from there
and never talks about it to his girlfriend again.

Even if you are close to winning tattslotto
or a raffle, you can't be upset. Almost getting
5 in a row in the pokies is just the same as
missing by a mile, because of the nature of chance.
If you know the odds of a gamble, you can't be
upset at the outcome. It makes no sense.


Cricket site.

Product Idea:
Fingernail. Plastic for cooking stains and poo stains.
- it should come with one piece of toilet paper.

Use the media for fun with your partner, since you can't take
anything that comes out of it seriously. Try to use it like
chinese whispers (coded messages?) or to tell your partner what you want,
or to take them to task for fun (about something not too serious),
or to introduce a new word, and then see how far it travels.

26.5.04 (old)
Make a library/lendings as another general purpose data store

I want the software to be able to store offline on key for access at all times?
It needs to know where the current latest version is, and how to get to that
copy from a particular location.

Terrorists attack civilians because they believe they can overthrow a government
in a democracy by forcing the leaders to give in to the wishes of it's people
and leave the terrorists alone.

explore beliefs and superstitions and act on fears and superstitions that
you don't believe in.

What do you want from treasury, website management,
senior programmer roles?

Don't want people to think you are doing a bad job in the roles?
Want respect verses not wanting to upset people?

Treasurer: don't want to do a bunch of boring stuff?

Organise business for donations
Telstra cost foxtel?
Info required in publication of number
Achieve transparency in costs.
Target numbers?
New nation / worldian.


Pokemon with ideas/beliefs
Weapons are references, quotations, cliches, slogans.
Beliefs are bolstered with references and related to each other.
Program battles other programs.
Difference is that the chalengee chooses the outcome of the competition.
Choose to accept greater idea, and it becomes one of your own arsenal.
There can be a website that tallies number of people who agree with each idea.
Able to export references for school/academic reporting, etc.
"Blogging meets Pokemon?"
Make a website?

Solve The World's Problems

Lay out cards next to each other to form map of solution.
"Do Something" cards, e.g. give $10 to Amnesty International
Make a website?

Ads in books to give money to organisations instantly based on emotional response to education (e.g get angry at injustice, and can instantly provide money to organisation that alleviates that world problem)
SMS number? Email address? Paypal? URL?
Ability to instantly make the world a better place through ridiculous riches.
Patent method, and use profits to help even more.
Never aid violent solutions.

Bet with charity: " I bet you $10 to my favourite charity that the Doggies will win the flag."
Need a website for the cheap transfer of goods and books.
Should government reward people who work hard as well as people who they want to finish year 12?
Educated country is a strong country.
Names following people around a screen in movies.
Humour and unexpected twists and surprises make people feel happy/joy/excitement/shock/release/relase of chemicals in brain/body: dopamine,adrenalince, ketamine?
Fire things that light up/nerf near phone towers, e.g. tower in Ivanhoe.
Garage sales to ebay = no insurance or workcover, etc.

Groundhog Day is a study of the difference between remembering every life and forgetting every life.
"No matter what happens, I'm happy because I love you."

Idea software:
store a snippet per unit
assign one of more categories
create a sequence and assign ideas in a row
zero or more groups link to zero or more ideas
Can this link to challenging other ideas?
Can this link to a freenet or distributed storage mechanism for text information?
Google API?

Looking into self too far -
Moral hole in humanity of some humans? Antony Lowenstein says that some otherwise moral people have a blind spot for the rights of people of a particular race.

Was Ken Carey schizophrenic or chemically or physically brain damaged?

What are coincidences? Finding magazine articles about something you are interested in (e.g. charity). Increased media coverage/increased public awareness, not necessarily guided by something supernatural/extra-terrestrial/secret society/unconscious/unknown/special life meaning/purpose

News Makes You Dumb (in progress)
News is like advertising. There is a desired belief result. Why do the work required to filter the truth from the news when you can avoid it and just educate yourself with worthwhile media? By "media", I include books.

As I relate this story, try to gauge the way your mind reacts to the situation and the judgments that it makes. Standing with consciousness in the gap between your learned unthinking reactions and your actions give you back power that you have had taken away from you.

I saw a woman last night in a shopping complex in the middle of Melbourne. She looked strange, making loud noises, holding her hands askew, and shuffling toward a large concrete pillar. When she reached it she stared into it for about two minutes, making noises, her nose touching the surface. Then she moved around it and shuffled on.
I saw a mentally ill woman last night....
I saw a crazy person last night...
I saw a person on drugs last night...
I saw a person possessed by the devil last night...
I saw a person with brain damage last night...
I saw a human. But was she broken?
I felt great pity, but what if she was happy?

Daily silence/meditation
you enter negotiations with distrust and fear - no result will occur

nature of humour - always hurts someone? Only if they don't want to be laughed at.
Self deprecation better?
glasses round

humanity needs to come before religion
unbeliever is human, due kindness
how do you protect yourself from evil?
find quotes in each major book about mercy on unbelievers.

Racial and religious vilification laws [name?] were protested [when?] out
the front of the Victorian Government building [name?]
It appeared to be by christian groups [true?who?] who were protesting legal action against them by
Muslim groups [true?]

After reading Andrew Bolt's article, this requires more investigation.

If one person wants to teach that a person is dangerous because of what
they believe, then should they be legally accountable?

The truth should be enough to make the world a better place.
What good is lying to offset lies in the minds of others?
Manipulation of people's weaknesses to achieve personal goals is OK?
People feel joy when they believe some things that may not be true. Is it OK to fuel those beliefs?
At what cost? For what profit? Does the truth matter if people feel good?

Andrew Bolt,21985,20240491-5006029,00.html
Apathy can get in the way of a purchase.

South Africa

Why Australian Government Can Have Secret Trials

This was in Monthly Magazine, too.

ICG International Crisis Group
Gareth Evans

UDHR - Learn

Does narcissism = wanting to see yourself on the TV/internet?
Look at wedding accounts
Splitting ideas
tv or magazines bad per se? no
commercial or non-commercial bad per se? no
avoid hate prejudice platform
can be emotional without being sweeping?
game idea: Solve the world's problems. Card game with two levels.
    The level in the bar and the world level.
    Problem and solutions cards.
Phone software?

Disengagement from politics/community/society
Single issue activism
John Pilger - journalist - Freedom Next Time
Work out amount of tax paid that goes to upholding conflict in Iraq, asylum seeker legislation, and other policies against conscience compared with amount spent from what's left on conscience based beliefs, e.g. Amnesty International , child sponsorship, social benefits.
"Here is delayed news, just in. From 1945 to 2005, the United States attempted to overthrow 50 governments, many of them democracies, and to crush 30 popular movements fighting tyrannical regimes. In the process, 25 countries were bombed, causing the loss of several million lives and the despair of millions more." William Blum's Rogue State, Common Courage Press, 2005, via John Pilger's Freedom Next Time, Bantam Press, 2006.
Potential impact of daily water/coffee/food purchases if spent on needs of people in unreported world.

Look at these for improved equipment:
Panasonic NJ(V?)-GS180 $950 Camera
Edirol R09 $750 Digital Recorder

Next episode of TPS should have a musical score that plays along with the speaking, and rather than using a blue screen, just use a single colour item that can be used to provide the background for showing pictures.

Us and them

National shames should not be forgotten because they are painful. They should be remembered as a warning to what can happen again. People should not feel the guilt of a previous generation's atrocities.

Quoting a country's crimes against humanity is not incitement. It is an act of responsibility on behalf of people all around the world.

global links / bookmarks
x sharing website
venice beach
file compare between disks on NAS
    put qemu on lounge and get file listing
lake house


Went to ALP branch meeting at Craig Langdon's office.
Jenny Macklin and Craig, and Anthony from local council were there.
talked about release of white paper on higher education
Cutting wages good for economy because of more jobs.,
"Tear up IR laws" replace with what?
How do you restore penalty rates?
ALP - no AWA's, bring back collective bargaining.
Liberals changes Jet to only subsidise courses < 1 year.
No HECS for postgrads
disabiliyt adn single Mum's with 6yo's go on to the dole
Unskilled hardest place to get work
FeeHelp - no c/w/ subsidy?
Training and apprenticeship shortage.
Craig Langdon:
25th Nov, election.
Granton in JagaJaga?
Anthony Carbines
People moving to pput ban on local committees for councillors and MPs
Banyule Council.

Meeting at JM's branch 18th Aug.

Finished reading Starseed by Ken Carey. Nice reality he is talking about.

Use coloured dots to separate characters in the movie.

Creative software. Can only humans do it?

Personal responsibility for putting more into the environment than one takes out.

Alien = angel = less solid being = ghost?


Lure of connecting = trap to lose identity?
Become slave by welcoming malevolent being into mind to take over will?

Instant Philosophy software
- yes/no like choose your own adventure to lure people into mental traps => insight


Daily videocast of values?

Living under beliefs, even if they may not be true.

Capitalism is the socialism of 1

Is it worse to look after yourself than it is to look after your own family? i.e. the definition of selfish in attitudes towards social policies.

Many ATMs in convenience stores in Melbourne are from out of state banks, like Bank of Queensland and BankWest. Do Victorian banks put ATMs in other states' convenience stores? If so, they are guaranteeing each other the $2.50 charge. How can we find out the brand of the ATM in the convenience stores around the country?

I flew to Darwin on a commercial flight and took pictures with a new mobile phone. I had to fly back to Melbourne because I had forgotten something. On my way back to the airport, I was trying to hail a taxi on a busy street. Then I saw somebody get hit by a car. I rounded up some people and started ordering one to call 000 on his mobile phone. I started treating the victim with a nearby first aid kit. I got out some painkillers and while I was turned away, a bystander administered them but I didn't know how many.

Full of pride at how well I had handled the situation, I contacted a doctor at the hospital and asked how the victim was. The doctor said I didn't want to know and that he wouldn't report me, even though he should. He said the victim died from an allergic reaction to the painkillers.

I noticed in the dream that the first-person-me experiencing the dream could hear a disembodied-me direct the action of the dream. I heard myself say "someone gets hit be a car" and then the action went that way.

Keep a dream diary.

Er the son of Armenius.
Irrational can be controlled?
Choose lives before living them?

In 1938, Britain declined refugee entry to German jews. Why? Is it like now with West Papuan refugees and Indonesia?
Is the opposition taking advantage of this for political gain?
Is it simply wrong?

Watching Century of Self BBC series.
Is it wrong to give a person what they want by removing their defences? e.g. guilt?
Anna Freud: If you behave socially correctly, your ego will be strengthened and you will be able to fight you dangerous impulses. I found the restraint of mental desires caused stranger ones to emerge. What about the theory of needing to know and maintain your number of vices?

Is curing mental suffering on a large scale a good thing?

Does belonging to a group help self control?

Does a man need a tribe - an enemy - a leader?

Is deferring sleep a cheap way to feel like one as achieved something?

See LNL 3.6.6 for a talk on democracy.

Socrates thinks that the rulers of an ideal state (one with the most happiness/justice for all) should be allowed to lie for the good of the people. He also suggested that a lie in the form of religious belief be given to the people. He also suggested a story at the end of The Republic by Plato, about reincarnation with, I assume, the purpose of encouraging people to do good so they don't their souls punished for a period if people live a bad life. Considering his love of truth, I am struggling to come to terms with his arguments that lying is sometimes good for the most benefit of all the people we consider as part of our state. He also questions the effect of democracy as a form of rule on the state, and the people in it. He suggests that tyranny is the next stage of development for rule.


Reality is not properly taken from hollywood movies, but the idiom of the long-hour working husband is so prevalent. My wrists are weak. I sometimes cannot write by hand without weakness and pain.
The awe-inspiring imagenations of my mind remain unwritten. Perhaps at a future time. For now, my wrist hurts. My dreams and fantasies are complete movies. But is the form justifiable?

Why would one work 14 hours/day and want a family? Men need tribes, bu I don't trust them. Cricket, uni, etc. I was castrated from the opportunity to join a tribe. Correlation does not imply causality.

Watched "V for Vendetta"
Is justice through violence against a tyranny justified?
AI is opposed to violence as a means to achieve political ends (e.g. freedom from oppression, etc.) and did not support Nelson Mandela as a result. I don't believe they supported him because he was imprisoned for violent actions.

Torture and redition: the argument against using emotive words like imprisonment and torture is unfair? I don't think so, because none of the words truly capture the experience of the person suffering these things. Where is the line between security and humanity - guarding a nation's sovereignty and protecting a politician's power?

Books mostly sell by using sensationalism. Journalism also.

Fear is controlled by the media. Emotions are the switches of a nation.

Muslims have been bearing the brunt of the new anti-terrorism laws - not white australian voters. It is illegal to tell the media you have been detained under the new laws.

It is time to try to collect stories even though it is illegal because of legislation to talk about the abuse of governmental power for fear of national security issues.

Rendition is a word that takes away the power from what it means.

You can't bring a country to it's knees in a nice way. (e.g. Iraqs destruction)

The key to political success is making people hate a group that wants to keep to themselves. They have always been easy targets and by their lack of popularity are easily outnumbered by the people who bind themselves to one another with fear. They are like nerds, those muslims and jews.

How to stop a politician from ruining your soul without even having to vote.

Way to do own show
    Provide forum
    use different coloured shirts and video heads.

Their art has become their lives - Penny Arcade, South Park - two people teams.

Get Andy to do guitar.
Does anything get big on keyboards alone?

Can one work?

Trying to find the link between thinking about something, and then having it reinforced with media in the future. e.g. thinking about using a green screen and south park ep 5 series 7

Or words like coracly.

Or ideas/thoughts that get noticed again and again.

Dad say it's because we are great pattern-matching engines. I say it's like a net with bigger or smaller holes, deciding what passes through. We do focus our attention as we go through the day. I suppose we forget the single events/thoughts/ideas that are not reinforced, and remember the ones that are with repetition. This means that it seems that most new thoughts/ideas/events are reinforced in some way, because these are mostly the ones that we remember? Is that circular reasoning?

Recognition of repetition creates a "buzz" that triggers reward reactions in the brain.

Increasing abstract inputs invreases the reward. The reward may be dopamine?

Religious ritual = forced repetition.

Can lead to interpetation of meaning. Should it?

Should reading Plato be seen as a potential escape from morality?

Read Plato -> see V for Vendetta -> is violence a legitimate response to bad politics? AI doesn't think so.

Sleep deprivation and substances lead to mistakenly perceived level of importance attributed to meanings of sensual or imagined experience.

relationships are imagined and exist according to learned rules.

My brain has been a hell of a lot of fun.

Two shows in last two days about metrosexuality - South Park S7E8? Family Guy S2E3? Sensitivity camp.

In TV, it means people are copying each other, not that the universe has a special message for you to live your life acknowledging.

The aim of minorities is to blend in and be treated the same as everyone else, therefore making their interest groups unnecessary.
The aim should be for the adjective describing them to not be used in language that talks about what they do. e.g. A gay man held up a petrol station. Another aim is for the adjectives to not be used in a derogatory way. e.g. That's retarded.

Amerispeak: Crab = gay? South Park.
South Park S7EGray Dawn contained "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" from the movie Network.

fun = connections/minute?
fun = adrenaline?

These are some notes taken on a recent trip to Thailand:
What is the difference between hate speech and angry speech?
Is anger useful for convincing people, or does it just make them acquiesce?

Movie Idea
Love Under a Bridge

Sometimes everything needs to stop for your heart to find a start

Hugh Jackman, Reese Witherspoon

Stuck in a taxi in a traffic jam under a bridge

He is an advertising executive on the rise, she is a human rights activist,

Time overcomes their distrust of each other but not before an amazing chain of events brings them up against each other in a desperate bid to get a win for their side before they lose their hearts.

Lingustics - feared by politicians, powerbrokers and con-men. Love of histroy, study of the mechanics of language and critically analyse the words of others.

Australian Language - words whose meaning has gone 180deg over time - e.g. wicked - dad describing the Taurus.
Awesome? fantastic? terrible? shit / the shit.

Thai Kickboxing
First bout contained 10 or 12 year olds. I wish we had taken some footage. Wise ref magically caught the head of a boy as he was about to hit the mat after being knocked out by a fighter who fought twice that night.

Alastair Cooke sent dispatches that today are called podcasts. Everyone has become a correspondent, so how does one stand out from the crowd? With humour? a weekly letter the the new world. A world without cultural barriers, although natural ones still exist for trade and art and maybe [?] this could be a way to engage people in the world around them rather than watching the simpson or south park and tuning out of the new deal we have made with the masters of our democracy.

Experiment: does a cup of hot water and a cup of cold milk cool down quicker when separate or when mixed together?

Australians say d instead of t when saying matter.

Did Gore lose the last election because America was not ready for a Jew to become president if something happened to Gore? Liebermann was his running mate. This idea was posed by Alastair Cooke in his posthumous collection of BBC broadcasts from the 1940s onwards.

Guy on Khai Nok island with one hand, and another was on his shoulder and had long fingernails.

Can we call our country civilised if it does not act civilised?

Learn words at dinner.

Is a programmer and artist or a scientist. The Australian customs officer asked me this, and I thought it was a special question to week out hackers or terrorists. I answered that I thought it was a science, but added that it was an art to bad programmers, and a science to experienced good ones. He said he was having an ongoing argument with his girlfriend and a group of students at university and that he was just curious.

Do an interview with self on TV.

Can experience via TV replasce real experience as a motivation to action?

Does the size of the screen matter? Or the audio quatlity and volume or the number of repetitions?

It makes for a shit song

Throwing up gang signs like suburban station names.

The effect of hollywood on children? cool = real.

Malaysian air hostess from tasmania got us drunk by providing great seat service.

Script travel movie.

Mailinator is a useful place to use to give instant email addresses to avoid spam, but judicially selected email addresses can net you fun passwords too. Do not harm others. Consensual fun in the best fun.

Just bought the iLife 06 upgrade in order to get noise reduction in iMovie, and whatever user interface improvements that the applications had to offer. Noise reduction is not an exact science. The noise I wanted to remove from the movie I had just made was the wrong sort to be removed effectively without removing too much of the sound that I wanted. Anyway, it's a lesson in making sure the dishwasher is not running when you record video inside your house.

Book recommendation for self:
Iraq Ablaze. Heard an interview with the author on Late Night Live with Philip Adams.

Book review recommendation:
Man without a Country - Kurt Vonnegut

I'm sure I had a Leeds (lemonade) yoyo as a kid, but no-one younger than me can remember them, and google is showing it's holes.

Anxiety gland(?) in brain (medulla?) is oversized as a cause of development in some people.
Source: All in the Mind? April or May show.

Check out RN shows for April/May

Thousands of multi coloured balls bouncing in from the horizon. Nobody new what they were or where they came from. They did not communicate but they bounced around everywhere. First they were not even a nuisance. Then electronic devices stopped working. We tried to understand them. You could drive through them and they bounced away. Then they began to show intelligence. They began to work together. We became scared of them and locked ourselves in a house. People fleeing from them knocked on my door, and I let them into the house. There we tried to work out what to do about the balls. They went out of sight but we were afraid to leave the house. There were a number of survival and research items I needed to get to work on the problem. I stole out of the house and ran for the car to try to go and collect books, torches, etc. The balls appeared to be becoming more intelligent by the day, and by an estimate of the trajectory of their rapidly increasing intelligence, they would surpass humans in a matter of days, and we would have no hope of stopping them.

A sign of their increasing intelligence was that I kicked one, and instead of bouncing, it absorbed my kick and remained stationary. It was a very frightening change to the situation. The fact that they stayed out of sight was also a frightening change in affairs. They could stop us from moving around if they so wished. What else could they do?

I had retrieved a linguistics kit that we used to develop a rudimentary communications tool to speak to the balls. After successfully communicating with them, one of the balls showed me a wormhole, or gateway to another dimension. Maybe that was their purpose. Where did it go?

There was no government or public response to the situation.

Next I repeated the dream, but this time I was the only person who had been in the situation before. It replayed itself, but this time I went out before the balls learnt to do more than bounce around, and retrieved everything I needed to complete the communication from within the house. I let some people in who were running around trying to escape them and then barricaded the house. We sat down, and no matter how much I yelled, I couldn't convince the people in the house that they were in danger, and that I knew exactly what needed to be done. They wouldn't let me complete a sentence or listen to me. However, it was hard to remember exactly what needed to be done, too.

Find Washington or Jeffereson's quote about allies and keenness to be abeisant to allies, and it's ability to lead into bad decisions.

Collective guilt (Alastair Cooke's memoirs)

Spirit of Things: sufism is the mystical arm of islam. Diane Chilenti. "Take one step towards it and it takes 20 steps towards you." Sounds like "Knock and the door will be opened. Seek and you will find."

Call Damo.

Where is Long Island (on the East Coast?)

Should Australians give some of their tax cuts to NGOs and schools in order to offset the governments stinginess in the areas of social services?


Find the quote about the Hollywood blockbuster being an appropriate way for America to progress the story of 9/11

Survey of fears.

Books on reading list.

Losing things.

Melbourne, Australia.
I was speaking to an Eritrean cab driver the other night on the way home from the city. He said that there is Eritrean music on 92.3 FM on Thursday nights from 11pm.

The Discourses, Niccolo Machiavelli. Wise men lie to people about religion to promulgate their wisdom.

The control and ability of content providers to remove content from free availability and make it saleable is the content provider's right, providing they have not released the content under an unrevokable licence.
Is there a point where content should become the property of the public at large (for example, when it becomes part of a cultural commonality?)
Do content providers have the right to resell content because a new technology has been developed to replay the content (e.g. DVD players replacing VCRs?)

Separate lower and uppoer house voting days. So that Australia can restore a level of democracy if it has lost it.

Jam about the difference between meaning and purpose.

Talk about dissent

web site design

Fix for Windows 95 OleAut32.dll problem.
(Maybe when installing Mozilla Suite 1.7)
Get vbrun60sp5.exe from and install it.

Community Service logs. List places for people to participate in community services by locality

Financial contribution instead of personal participation. A safe alternative for the shy.

Is religion necessary as a moral compass? With what, if anything, can it be replaced?

Answer MM article.

London Review contains an essay about the Israel lobby.

Support terrorism? No.
How does a country get freedom, or hold onto it's territories without terrorism or the threat of violence?
Democracy should be allowed to run it's course.
Should we fund freedom fighters? The government has a list of organisations that it says sponsors terrorism and outlaws making financial contributions to them. Therefore, it would be a good idea to check out these lists before providing money to support the efforts of these organisations to fight for their freedom.
Does terrorism work to gain control of a country?
Asking the right questions is important.
Is international law removing the ability to take over countries?
What are the punishments for supporting terrorism?

Fear of retribution leads to over-reaction to threat. But who is to say that retribution won't come from the friends or family of the threatening overkilled party.

Downward envy. Why should well-off people be jealous of a government's funding of the disadvantaged?


Movie Idea

Walking down driveway in suit
Slow motion with cuts as progressing
ring on bell
knock on door
missing dong

Movie Idea

"your results have been processed.
Present yourself to the termination suite to survive."

Stand-up idea

Do a discussion of the different types of humour, with examples of what doesn't work and what does.

Song Idea

my baby don't care for wheat
so much so that she can't eat
my baby just cares for gluten free
my baby don't care for challots and onions
yeyeyeyeyeye don't care for ...

Song Idea
You pay for a plasma TV
Your old one will last longer
You can keep a poor family fed and healthy
For longer than the screen will last
Over-populate the world?
They mightn't have so many
If they thought they'd damn well live