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Episode 1 - "VideoBlog #1"
18 minutes (Part 1) (Part 2)
Life connections, Falun Gong, involuntary organ transplants, religion of peace, democracy.

Feedback on this one is that I should have edited it to make it less rambling, and hold the interest of viewers better. So the next episode will have more explosions.
Episode 2 - "Metashow"
8 minutes
Response to Episode 1, more explosions, aliens = ghosts = angels, Andrew Denton, John Butler from the John Butler Trio, John Hewson.
Episode 3 - "Lebanowned"
4 minutes
A quick take on the Israeli - Hizbollah conflict in Lebanon.
Episode 4 - "Disengagement"
19 minutes (Part 1) (Part 2)
A look at some easy ways to make the world a place more like you want it.  Amnesty International, GreenFleet, Israel and Palestine, John Pilger.