Title Updated Abstract
Hitler's Assumptions
A short analysis of Hitler's assumptions from the half way point of reading Mein Kampf.
The Third Dialogue
Experts draw conclusions.
The Second Dialogue
Your temperament shapes your life. Can you change it?
Are Animals Worth More Then Humans?
Are animals worth more than humans?
Who Owes Us The Truth? 16.4.06 Do novelists and movie-makers owe us factual correctness?
Interview with Granny and Grandpa 4.06 Interview with Granny and Grandpa on Dad's side, recorded in 1985 and 1987.
Westpac is Stealing my Money 3.4.06 Australian banks are very greedy with their fees and interest rates. Westpac finally pushed it in my butt a little too far, and I moved to a bank that is more gentle.