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Transcendence, a novel

A lonely god, Barry, creates a universe as a large social experiment
to find out what would happen if he met somebody.

An aggrieved soul, Damien, unexpectedly wakes in the body of a human
Vessel and takes advantage of his situation to bend history in his favour.

Barry's agents Prue and Jack struggle to find a way to stop him, and
Barry appears to be losing control of his creation.

Will Barry scrap
everything and start over?

Or will Prue and Jack find a solution where they least expect it?

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It is available for purchase as paperback or ebook.

A Couple of Blogs from Last November

Spock vs. McCoy

If Spock's classical liberalism met McCoy's social democracy...

Spock v. McCoy

If Spock's reason met McCoy's emotion...

Doritos 2010 Advertisement Competition

In order to thank you all for your support, here are two special features, plus a high quality version of the original ad.
They are on youtube, so they may not run in your workplace.

Signing off for this project,

Mark D Osborne

Not quite "The Making Of" from lack of interviews and in-depth analysis by the production crew, this cute collection of speed-humps on the way to "Doritos May Save the World" will stand as a diary, if you wish...  

This is the one Ridley Scott really wanted to make but was constrained by the required length of the movie. You can see how much had to be left on the cutting room floor.   

My advertisement for the 2010 Doritos Ad Competition

Music from the 1980s

I found a cassette tape of recordings from when I was just 17

Casio PT20, Atari 800 (working really hard), own software, paddle controller, voice and maybe a joystick.

Atari 800, own software, paddle controller

Chopsticks, Glass, Budgy*2 (1 Budgy per track recorded), Hammond Electronic Organ

Here are a few more:

Rooted: A Modern Mind

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The whole book is available for preview.
It is available for purchase as paperback or electronic download.

It is also now available from Amazon.com:
Rooted: A Modern Mind

Human Rights

The Australian government had a consultation about strengthening the legal protection of human rights.

Submissions were due on 15 June 2009.

My submission is here.

Circle Of Belief

"Stand with us in the Circle of Belief"

This was an attempt to refine religion because I saw how much bad could be done in their name, but now I have seen the good things religions can do, I don't think the babies should be thrown out with the bathwater. Exclusivity still sucks (31/1/2010)

"The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."
Allan K. Chalmers

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A supply of news articles to supplement the news in newspapers and on TV.

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