Circle Of Belief

"Stand with us in the Circle of Belief"

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Our Chant

We stand in the Circle of Belief
Our belief is our hope
Our hope is our strength
Our strength is our power
Our power changes us and the world around us
Our desire is for everyone to stand in the Circle of Belief

Our Beliefs

We believe that diversity is strength
We believe that humanity overrides belief when they are in conflict
We believe that while a human suffers unfairly, humanity suffers unfairly
We believe that there is enough for everyone

Our Mandate

Criticism is not incitement to violence
Tolerance does not require forgiving, forgetting, or friendship
Doing something small is better than doing nothing at all

Our Rules

Do to others what you want done to you
Don't do to others what you don't want done to you
Avoid loaded language
Beware of slogans
Control our charity
Protect our beliefs
Question our fears
Confront our prejudices
Embrace everyone

Our Symbols

Circle of Belief, the sculpture

Circle of Belief, the letters C, O, and B

Our Signs

Circle Of Belief Sign

Circle Of Belief Sign